Packaging of the DUDE Underwear 2-pack with COOLMAX Technology
Front view of the DUDE Underwear
Back view of the DUDE Underwear
Side view of the DUDE Underwear
Back of the packaging of the DUDE Underwear 2-pack. Tagline: Be cool, keep dry, stay fresh

DUDE Underwear, 2pk

DUDE Boxer Briefs with COOLMAX Technology will keep your third pit dry all day long. Our moisture-wicking fibers keep the swass and stank at bay so you can perform at work, in the gym, or on the road. No need to adjust your junk, our boxer briefs are form-fitting and snug with a tag-free, smooth waistband. The first thing you put on in the morning should be the last thing holding you back.

  • Swass-free COOLMAX Technology
  • Spun with silver ions that fight bacteria
  • Tag-free, smooth waistband
  • Made with technical fabric & mesh lining