Dude Wipes Reviews - Submit Yours!

“In today's society it is hard to find a company that truly cares, but you dudes at Dude Wipes really care and it shows. Words cannot express how grateful my troops and I are for your generosity and selfless act of kindness, people like you guys at Dude Wipes are why we do what we do. If there is anything you ever need please feel free to contact me sir.” - SSgt Eric Simpson, United States Air Force

"Husband undergoing chemo and radiation therapy for cancer. The wipes are cleansing, soft and portable. When my husband opened the package....he smiled! Priceless!!!" - Mary La Fontain

“Without a doubt the most convenient wipe on the market today. Brilliantly packaged and perfect for every outdoorsman.” - Gerald Swindle

“Billed as the product the adult moist tissue market has been waiting for, Dude Wipes incorporated social packaging and humorous niche driven branding to change male hygiene routines and behavior.” Non-WovenIndustry.com

"I just got out of the military and I love the dude wipes! I helped spread to joy and fulfillment of the wipes with the rest of my bros! Thanks Dudes! #1 Dude Fan" - Eric Blanton

"Hey dudes! I just discovered you guys and bought my first pack of dude wipes- crib edition- for the boyfriend. He's the ultimate dude- refuses to use normal TP.  P.S. I absolutely love your marketing and what your company is all about. Keep doin your thing, dudes. & i'll keep supplying my dude with his new favorite wipes." - Cali O'neil

"My name is Jordan Lalor and I have been a huge supporter of your butt wipes since the dampened fabrics first graced my rim a few months ago. My coworker got me DUDE wipes a while back because she said I have a "problem."  Since then I've been bringing them into the co-ed bathroom to do my business: they've changed my life." - Jordan Lalor

"Plain and simple...I thought Dude Wipes was a marketing ploy until I needed them in an emergency. Trust me, I'm a fluffy kinda guy and Dude wipes have saved me more than once!" - Russell Chargualaf 

"DUDE! It's a Wipe for dude-kind everywhere. I feel so fresh. Thank you Dude wipes." - David P Bookamer

“Dude Wipes is a superb example of innovating through clever positioning, packaging and marketing to meet the needs of a specific target market,” - Dave Rousse, President of INDA

"Keep in the truck, gym bag, anywhere…Let's face it, dudes can be gross. Mud butt happens, sweat happens, and then opportunity knocks. You know what I mean. Break out your Dude wipe, clean up and be ready in seconds. Flushable and lightly scented. I love these." - anonymous

"What a great product. Very functional, discreet and effective. A perfect cure for male "swamp-ass"! :). I highly recommended this product. Especially great for boating or camping." - Steve C.

"Best "manly" invention I've seen so far! Thick and durable wipes, neutral scent (not flowery or girly) and extremely convenient packaging for "one at a time" use. Highly recommend this product." - Michael S Kushla II

"Excellent product on the "go"... my man is very pleased and I'll be ordering more in the future! Great idea." - Anna M Cole