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We're 4 longtime friends who launched DUDE Wipes out of our apartment in Chicago. Our origin story isn’t like most companies. We started DUDE Products to have fun, make shit jokes, and kick ass. It’s been one crazy ride, and we have our loyal DUDE family to thank. Our mission is to keep having fun, build great products, and support you all any way we can.

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A LONG TIME AGO... IN an apartment in Chicago


At the time 95% of our diets consisted of burritos and beer, so conversations about your latest dump were plentiful. We started using baby wipes instead of toilet paper and our lives were forever changed. But there was one problem: there were no wipes for on-the-go deucing situations! Sensing a toilet bowl sized hole in the market, we founded DUDE Products. Our first product would be flushable single travel packets of DUDE Wipes. For the next 6 months we went to work with manufacturers to create the best wipe ever.


After months of testing, four pallets of glorious DUDE wipes arrived and we began selling them out of our spare bedroom. The journey to save the world one DUDE at a time had officially begun.


DUDE Wipes were on the market for just a few months when the DUDES received the Visionary Award at the Vision 2013 Consumer Products Conference, given to the most innovative consumer product of the year (previous winners include products like Swiffer). DUDE Wipes were also featured in MTV, Complex, and Maxim.


DUDE Nation asked for a larger pack of wipes for their bathrooms, and we delivered. The DUDE Wipes Crib Edition was born, a larger dispenser pack of flushable wipes for at home use.

Tyron Woodley

On June 14, DUDE Wipes was the #3 Worldwide Trend on Twitter, after a successful marketing stunt with MMA fighter Tyron Woodley, putting our logo on the butt of his trunks. According to Fox Sports, "Dude Wipes was one of the big winners of an otherwise lackluster card."


In January of 2014, DUDE Wipes was featured on Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory on MTV. During the Episode, Rob and Christopher 'Big Black' Boykin dressed up in poop costumes and referred to themselves as 'Plip' & 'Plop'. The theme of the episode was the 'Clean Hole Alliance' promoting DUDE Wipes as a better way to wipe, rather than toilet paper.

Later that year we appeared on Season 7, Episode 4 of the Shark Tank. After some dramatic negotiations, Mark Cuban infamously swooped in and made an investment in DUDE Products, becoming a member of the DUDE family.

Shark Tank

Our deal was featured in the Chicago Tribune, Bustle, Forbes, Business Insider, and the Shark Tank Podcast. Mark also gave us a shout out on Good Morning America!


Our mission to combat stank continued with the launch of the DUDE Shower, a new line of full body wipes. Men’s Health called the DUDE Shower the best way to freshen up without taking a shower.

Amazon also announced its latest expansion for Dash Button, adding the DUDE button to its unique program. All DUDE products were now instantly available on Amazon with the touch of a button. What a time to be alive.

During the 2016 World Series in Chicago, there were several sightings of a DUDE Wipes sign during the weekend at Wrigley Field. The internet took notice and Barstool Sports ranked Dude Wipes as the best sign of the weekend. Some people are saying it helped break the curse.

In October we announced a deal with Target for DUDE Wipes to appear on shelves in over 75 Chicagoland and Central Illinois stores. DUDE Products are now in 15,000 Target stores across America.

Take It To The Hole

We also dropped our Take It to the Hole video featuring Mark Cuban, which went viral with over 1 million views on Facebook and over 200,000 views on YouTube


Shark Tank

We made our second appearance on Shark Tank, where we closed a retail deal with Walgreens, putting DUDE Products in over 4,300 stores. Our second appearance was covered by Inc., WGN Radio, and Americn Inno. Since we made our deal with Mark in 2015, we had gone from $250,000 in sales to $3.2 million in less than two years.

Justine Kush

Our work with MMA fighters also continued, when Justine Kush pooped herself in the ring during a UFC fight. We couldn’t sponsor Justine’s trunks like we did with Tyrone Woodley because the UFC had since banned it, but we were able to send Justine a boatload of DUDE Wipes for her trouble

The DUDE universe expanded again with DUDE Face Wipes, giving DUDES everywhere a quick and effective way to keep their money makers fresh and clean when they’re on-the-go.


Don't get caught with your pants down away from home, travel DUDE-style with our individually wrapped wipes to keep your DUDE parts fresh wherever you go.



The DUDE Wiper 1000 is a lean, mean poop destroyer that cleans, refreshes, and eliminates odor, and leaves your privates poopless. Now that's fresh.

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