Jam Out on the Toilet with the DUDE Wipes Official Pooping Playlist

Here at DUDE HQ, we’re all about finding ways to enhance your pooping experience, whether that’s with soothing butt wipes, idiot-proof bidet attachments, or refreshing toilet spray

We also realize pooping can get lonely and you need to be entertained in the bathroom—that’s why we just dropped the DUDE WipesOfficial Pooping Playlist on Spotify

Whether you need inspiration for your next bowel movement or just want to jam out on the throne, we got you covered. 

Our team spent days curating more than 90 minutes’ worth of toilet-themed tunes like Takin’ Care of Business, Pushin’ P, and Wipe Me Down. Check it out below, and be sure to share it with your friends, family, coworkers, in-laws, whatever.

90 minutes of music should (hopefully) be enough to keep you entertained during your next dump. Got any recommendations for the Official Poop Playlist? Tweet us @DUDEwipes.

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