Are You A Neckbeard, Or Do You Just Have One?

The term “neckbeard” is a pejorative term to describe a certain type of nerd, but having one is a whole different story. Combine them both, and you shouldn’t be surprised if the guys from Queer Eye come knocking on your door.

If you’re wondering what the neckbeard type is, consider a nerd who’s lacking in the social cues and personal hygiene department. We all know a guy like this, we tolerate him, and we can’t wait until he gets out of our hair. 

While we all enjoy a couple of hours of “me time,” this dude is the type who thinks an adventurous evening is an all-night gaming marathon, playing World of Warcraft until his eyes bleed. On a good night, he’s catching up on South Park, so our guy has some redeeming qualities. 

In the literal sense, a neckbeard displays a lack of grooming, with unkempt facial hair taking up real estate on a guy’s neckline. While some scruff can be sexy, a “hair scarf” is just lazy. Guys don’t have to groom like they’re posing for GQ, but a little maintenance goes a long way. 

What Lies Beneath the Neckbeard?

Why guys let the stubble spread is something of a mystery, as the neck looks far better bare. As we’ve mentioned some guys might be lacking on the facial hair grooming front, but others use their neckbeard as a convenient cover-up, as unsightly as it may be.

For example, some guys might be insecure about having a slim pencil neck and grow out their facial hair on their neck as a means of camouflaging. Or they can’t grow a full beard yet and are letting whatever facial hair they can grow sprout freely.

Guys with a weak chin or jawline can use a beard to build up what they weren’t born with. That said, going overboard with the technique can be counterproductive. Grow a nicely-trimmed beard and the jawline thing can be dealt with stylishly and smoothly. Once too much overgrowth starts migrating down the neck it cancels out any jawline cover. It’s all about balance with a beard.

What Do Women Say About Neckbeards?

Do ladies like neckbeards? Not likely. 

The scruffy look can be sexy, and some girls go for goatees, which some guys can pull off well. But when a woman tries to give a guy soft kisses on the neck the last thing she wants is a wayward neck hair between her lips.

Embrace A Naked Neck

No matter your chin shape, neck circumference, or level of “IDGAF,” it’s never a good idea to keep a neckbeard. The look is much less than appealing. So shave wisely.

When you’re shaving, be careful not to give yourself ingrown hairs. Lather up with a soothing shaving cream or soap, and use a sharp razor. If you’re not going down to the skin, try a trimmer or electric razor for precision. If you want to get a great beard shape to start off right, head to your barber for a starter trim and follow their shape the next time you groom yourself. If all else fails, hit up YouTube for a tutorial. If you botch it, you can always shave it all off and start fresh. 

Keep your scruff and sideburns if you so desire, but it’s high time to nix the neckbeard now.

Protect Ya Neck!