DUDE Wipes Back Behind Tyron Woodley in Bout Against Jake Paul

Way back in 2014 DUDE Wipes partnered with Tyron Woodley for UFC 174, and adding "DUDE Wipes" to the back of his trunks for the fight, and well, it worked out pretty well:

In fact, it worked out so well that UFC eventually took control of their fighters' shorts, preventing brands from sponsoring them unless they were exclusive UFC uniform sponsors.

Last night with our guy Tyron Woodley making his pro boxing debut, we were able to fully back him again in his bout against Jake Paul.

In fact you may have seen Woodley offer Paul some DUDE Wipes in preparation for the fight, which Paul did not take too kindly to.

Woodley is a former UFC welterweight champ who landed a big right hand in the fourth round, but Paul ultimate won the fight in a split decision on Sunday night.

Word is both Woodley and Paul are looking for a rematch, and lets just say we'll there for it when it happens...

Stay Fresh DUDE!